Sunday, November 8, 2009

Balance of duties...

And here's the place to put it! ARgh.... I wish i weren't so complainy... but this is my blog, and it's about church/Jesus... so here is where it fits.

Thing is, i have grown very disgusted with *men* in general. After hearing stats that said somewhere between 30-50% of *ministers* struggle with pornography *addiction* - i thought, well what about the guys who aren't even Christians? It made me look at them all as animals and base, bestial creatures - and made me even more impressed with my own (impressive in every way) husband.

but now i'm thinking, there's more to this story than meets the eye. Maybe, being a "professional Christian" isn't the greatest job for a man. My boys need to work out all the time. Even the little (pre puberty) boys need to get outside and run and wrestle, and lift heavy objects. Otherwise, they go a little wonky, get emotional, it just doesn't work.

So what of men who are indoors for the most part, not accountable to anyone, expected to sit in their study and read the Bible and pray all day, and occasionally do a funeral (i know, i know, many Godly men do much more than this, and they are probably not the ones having trouble) - i mean, it just seems to me like a recipe for porn surfers. Nothing better to do... temptation... opportunity....

And then it blows up and is one more bruise on the Body of Christ.

But maybe it's just not the way we are meant to live this life.

My husband and I were talking about something that i felt needed to be done for people we know. T is a Godly man, a righteous man, but he is loathe to get into other people's lives, to hear their pain. If he knows there is trouble, and money can help, he will help. If he knows muscles are needed, he will do muscle-y things. But being a friend, listening... those are harder for him. He has me, who needs friends, right?

But thing is, if we all, as individual believers, did the things we think the pastor should do (visit the sick, the bereaved, the hurting, organize missions, organize youth events, impromptu worship evenings, and on and on) - Christians would look different to the world. Our communities would be transformed, just by us living what we say we believe....

Instead we delegate all of our Christian activity to one man - and he is supposed to do all the good things that 500 or so people are "too busy" to do. And we don't have the opportunity to grow that doing hard, but God-called things, gives us. We miss out on growth, service, and relationships.

In short, the pastor should probably have some meaningful work to do, and people should do more of what they want the pastor to do. Balance.


  1. Yes. I have been asked more than once, "Don't you feel the need for "fellowship"...and to be "fed".

    Well, I miss being part of a gang I guess...haha....but fellowship does not consist of turning around and shaking people's hands...and saying some scripted comment. (we can't even "fellowship" without someone putting the words in our mouth??)

    Also, I feel like It is the work of the Holy Spirit to be my teacher...I don't need to be "fed" by another shepherd....The Lord is my Shepherd....

    There are three "F"'s I guess...and the third is "fun". It stopped being fun a long time ago.

    Anyhow....I guess this is your blog/rant Steph, not mine...but just wanted to let you know I'm still here.

  2. I wonder why i'm not getting notices of comments on this blog? Makes me feel not quite so alone to know that at least my *mom* is reading! And i know you *get* me...